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A National Level Human Rights Organisation (NGO) has been setup on 10th March 1999, with the objects to create mass awareness of Human Rights & Protection from atrocities & torture to Common People under the title " Bhartiya Manavadhikar Association" (Human Rights Association of India) duly registered under Indian Societies Act 1860 bearing Registration No. S-47264-03. Needless to mention that the concept of Human Rights is very new to the public due to late enactment of "Protection of Human Rights Act 1993" by the Government of India. i.e. after a gap of 46 years of its independence. Obviously it requires deep concern and massive efforts in the matter being increasing and alarming situation of tortures in the country.

We, however with the help of large team of our office bearers, delegates & members, are day by day achieving our goal through effective efforts, still the expertised knowledge, guidance and update techniques are required from the pioneer offices like that of yours in the flield of Human Rights Protection.


Anurag Chandravanshi,


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